Publication Proclamation! SNL x NPL Collaboration

Welcome to an era of rich interdisciplinary collaborations to elucidate questions about an array of swallowing-related topics; this time, whether differences in motor learning exist between the corticospinal and corticobulbar pathways when visual biofeedback is given. This study was an unique exploration of motor learning, visual biofeedback, and cross-systems transfer with participants practicing controlled movement of both the ankle and tongue.

It is exciting for us to announce our co-authors Michele Singer, Alayna Ernster, and Dr. Humbert who worked with the lab of Dr. Evangelos Christou of the University of Florida’s Applied Physiology and Kinesiology department. If you want to learn more about the Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory, his website can be found here. The work of both labs can be found in the journal Human Movement Science! Congratulations again to all those involved in this study and publication, with a particularly enthusiastic “way to go!” to Alayna on her first official publication. So whether you prefer to lick it or kick it, we hope that you’ll read the article now; just click it!

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