Posters and Perspective

Once again, it is time to highlight the accomplishments of two of our outstanding master’s degree students who each presented a poster at Graduate Student Research Day this past month.

Following their thesis project presentations, Melissa Miller and Sara Kesneck took the opportunity to discuss their findings among STEM researchers and other students from Public Health and Health Professions.

Sara Kesneck, BHS/BA, discussed her poster “Objective and Subjective Swallowing Measures to Distinguish Safe and Unsafe Swallowing After Stroke.” In addition to conversing with attendees about the content of her research, Sara also won an Amazon Echo at the event for the most Instagram likes for her poster. Dissemination and promotion of research through social media can be a great way to support access to and interest in new findings, and an excellent means by which we can all send more love Sara’s way!

Melissa Miller, BS, presented “Validation of the Normalized Laryngeal Constriction Ratio in Normal and Disordered Swallowing.” She greatly appreciated the input she received from the interdisciplinary professionals who discussed her findings. The insights and buy-in she experienced inspired her to network with related fields when moving forward in her career, and reminded her of an idea first expressed in 1851 by Arthur Schopenhauer, roughly translated as “research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what no one has thought.” Her takeaway was to continue to incorporate different perspectives from specialty areas that allow us to think about swallowing in novel ways.

Congratulations to both Sara and Melissa on their posters and the continued efforts that led them to this stage. We’ll continue to send plenty of “likes” your way!

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