About Renata Guedes, SLP, PhD

Renata Guedes is from Maceió, Brazil. She obtained her Bachelors in Speech Language Pathology & Audiology from the University of Health Sciences. After the university, she moved to Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, and obtained her specialization course and master’s degree working with rehabilitation and quality of life on head and neck cancer patients. Renata is currently part of the Voice, Speech and Swallowing Department of A.C. Camargo Cancer Center (, working clinically with oncological patients with communication and swallowing disorders, and has just finished her PhD thesis on cortical activation and brain function on glossectomy patients.
Renata was at the University of Florida for her postdoctoral research during the second semester of 2016 as a visiting researcher in Dr. Ianessa Humbert’s Lab. She has now returned to Brazil and is continuing her collaboration with our team remotely. In March, she presented some of her work at the Dysphagia Research Society’s annual symposium in Portland, Oregon.