Patient Resources

We have compiled numerous clinical resources for people with ALS (PALS) that can be downloaded. These are intended to provide education on important factors related to safe swallowing, effective communication strategies and Assisted Communication Devices.

Safe Swallowing for PALS: What I Need to Know and Why it Matters

Learn about the normal swallow process, how this can be affected in ALS and what you can do to maximize your nutritional needs and swallowing safety

Exploring Assistive Communication Devices for PALS

Learn about low-tech and high-tech communication devices, tablet and i-Pad communication apps, and other resources to facilitate effective communication

Assistive Communication Devices Comparison Chart

Use this chart to compare available devices and apps to see which will best suit your individual abilities and communication needs

Nutrition and Feeding Tube Placement for People With ALS

Best Practice in Clinical Decision Making

ALSA Patient Manual Chapter on “Adjusting to Swallowing Changes and Nutritional Management in ALS”

Written by SSC lab members Lauren Tabor and Dr. Plowman.

ALSA Patient Manual Chapter on “Changes in Speech and Communication Solutions”

Made available by ALSA, Living with ALS Resource Guides

ALSA Patient Manual Chapter on “Adapting to Changes in Breathing When You Have ALS”

Made available by ALSA, Living with ALS Resource Guides

Directions to Plowman Lab for Study Participants

ALS Cookbook English

ALS Cookbook Spanish

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