The Northeast Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Consortium ( holds an annual meeting in Clearwater Beach, Florida. This year was the 17th gathering of the group whose focus surrounds research in ALS and dissemination of information to patients and caregivers. This year the NSSR side of the laboratory, under the guidance of Dr. Emily Plowman, showed up with many posters to further explain key components of a keynote address given by Dr. Plowman.

This page will continue to be updated with photos and descriptions of lab members’ contributions to this year’s meeting.

Raele Robison, doctoral student

Raele’s poster was entitled “Impact of Lingual and Pharyngeal Strength on Swallowing Safety and Efficiency in ALS”.

Jennifer Chapin, doctoral student

Jen’s poster was “Discriminant Ability of the ALSFRS-R Bulbar Subscale and Swallowing Item at Predicting Radiographically Confirmed Pharyngeal Dysphagia in ALS.”

Justine Allen, doctoral student

Justine presented on “Examination of the Center for Neurologic Study-Bulbar Function Scale Compared to Clinical Ratings of Bulbar Function.”

Lauren Tabor-Grey, PhD

Lauren, graduate of the University of Florida’s rehabilitation science program under the mentorship of Dr. Plowman, presented “Concordant Validity of a Digital Peak Cough Flow Meter to Assess Voluntary Cough Strength in Individuals with ALS.”

Amber Anderson, clinical fellow; Lauren DiBiase, clinical fellow

Amber and Lauren’s poster was “Discriminant Ability of Voluntary and Reflexive Cough Testing to Detect Aspiration Risk in ALS.”

Michelle Saade, master’s student

Michelle presented a poster entitled “Lingual Pressure Capacity and Physiologic Reserve Differentiates Global Dysphagia Severity Levels and Aspiration Status in ALS.”

Kelby Magennis, research coordinator

Kelby’s poster was called “Accuracy of the 3 Ounce Water Swallow Test to Detect Aspiration in ALS.”

May Smith-Sherry, research assistant

May, a speech-language pathologist working clinically and with Dr. Plowman, presented “Relationship between Pulmonary Function Dysphagia Status in ALS”

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