DtH 25: The Swallowing Physiology Series: Base of Tongue Retraction

Recently, an overwhelming 92% of clinicians responded “NO” to the question: Did you feel prepared to assess and treat swallowing disorders upon graduation (Plowman & Humbert 2018). 45% of SLP survey respondents think that more dysphagia courses would improve competency (McCoy & Desai 2018). To help address this need, Down the Hatch (The Swallowing Podcast) has launched The Swallowing Physiology Series, where several oropharyngeal events that are important for swallowing will be spontaneously discussed by hosts Ianessa Humbert and Alicia Vose. Further, we will indicate whether each event can be assessed in clinical evaluations versus instrumental evaluations. Since podcasts are audio only, consider subscribing to the Swallowing Training and Education Portal for detailed visuals of these events (stepcommunity.com). See more swallows here, including the squirt swallow, that is discussed in this episode: www.youtube.com/channel/UCq8_kb-4…LtrHMQ8bnw/videos

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