CTDM Course Blazes Its Way Through Gainesville

The Swallowing Systems Core Co-Directors Drs Humbert and Plowman recently hosted the Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management (CTDM) course at the University of Florida, March 19th and 20th at the George Harrell Center. This two-day educational event brought together Speech-Language Pathology clinicians, researchers and graduate students from various locations throughout the United States and Canada and focused on evaluating better ways to inform clinical decision-making in patients with dysphagia. Drs. Humbert and Plowman presented on multiple topics relating to critical thinking in dysphagia management including building a clinical decision making tree, principles of motor learning and plasticity as well as discussion regarding the relative role of skill and strength training regimens in dysphagia rehabilitation. The event also included a number of interactive opportunities for attendees during hands on workshops with surface electrical stimulation, submental surface electromyography biofeedback, lingual resistance training and respiratory strength training. During the first day of the course, clinicians participated in a novel “choose your own adventure” instrumental examination of swallowing in two patients followed by a live fiberoptic instrumental swallowing evaluation (FEES) demonstration in a volunteer with V.A. Clinicians Paula Sullivan, M.S., CCC-SLP. The CTDM course has been previously hosted at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland and is currently being developed in a webinar-style format for future courses.



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