Clinical Education Continues as Normal…

One of the biggest passions shared between co-directors Dr. Emily Plowman and Dr. Ianessa Humbert is providing opportunities for clinicians on the front lines to improve their understanding of swallowing through the lens of a researcher. Their popular and successful Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management courses has been well received across the country and internationally; however, one piece of feedback stood out as salient to Drs. Plowman and Humbert. Clinicians agreed, we may not be the experts in normal swallowing that we thought we were! But, where are we to learn this obviously essential information? Answer: The Normal Swallowing Course, hosted here in Gainesville, FL. This course was specifically designed to go over concepts of normal swallowing anatomy and physiology so that clinicians can avoid over-diagnosing dysphagia in the face of not understanding the range of normal. Attendees were given the amazing opportunity to view their own swallows under videofluoroscopy, with some surprising results…penetration and aspiration in completely healthy people! As their quest continues, more and more clinicians will learn to embrace the shades of grey in swallowing management, embracing over time that initiating at the pyriforms isn’t so bad after all.

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